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Lawn Preservation | 3 Smart Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Damaging Your Lawn

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Homeowners love their pet dogs. And while owning a pet is a delightfully rewarding experience, it can come with a host of challenges you never even imagined – such as taking extra care to protect your lawn from dog-related damage. As much as you don't want to hear this, your dog's urine contains rich contents of nitrogen that will burn your lawn in the same way as excess fertiliser. That's why you may have noticed certain brown (urine-related) spots in the middle of your lush green lawn. Luckily, some preventive measures and smart lawn supplies will help protect your lawn from unprecedented dog damage.

Water your Lawn and Keep your Dog Hydrated Regularly

The best possible remedy to protect your lawn from dog's urine is to water it regularly with lawn supplies like hoses or sprinklers. The water will dilute the urine by saturating it with water instantly. Even if you spill additional nitrogen-rich fertiliser on your grass, watering your lawn is a great corrective remedy. Apart from watering your lawn, you will want to ensure your dog is kept hydrated. This dilutes the urine strength. You can also moisten dry dog food with a little water to maintain good hydration levels. This reduces the intensity of nitrogen on the grass. 

Re-examine Dog Food Diet

You may want to check with your vet to see that you're giving your dog the right proportions of protein. Nitrogen comes from protein, so your lawn will benefit tremendously from a lower protein diet for your dog. You'll also want to buy high-quality dog food with better quality protein levels — these are usually more digestible and leave less urinary by-products that damage lawns. You can also train your dog to relieve himself in a specific space — far away from your main lawn. This area should have enough mulch that's easy to replace and won't damage your grass easily.

Retain a Healthy Lawn

To retain the look of your healthy lawn, you'll want to undertake regular raking and lawn aerating. These approaches help to awaken sleeping grass roots and allow your grass to breathe properly. Because they remove all types of debris, including animal waste, they retain the healthy look of your lawn for longer. Be sure to invest in lawn supplies like a good rake and an aeration machine to aerate the damaged section and increase root growth.

Be sure to invest in good pet and lawn supplies to protect the healthy look of your backyard for a long time to come. If you have specific questions about maintaining your lawn and keeping it healthy, contact a professional with a company like Associated Turf Growers & Suppliers to learn more.