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3 Major Factors to Consider When Chusing Turf Grass

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Having a lawn on your property gives a beautiful and appealing look to the entire home. It also offers a place to relax and spend time with friends. The process of chusing the best turf grass for your lawn is an important one that should be given a lot of consideration. Before buying turf supply, you need to determine a few factors regarding what type and style you need. Here are some tips to help you determine the best turf grass for your garden.

What type of lawn turf do you need?

Lawn turf grass comes in different prices, textures and maintenance requirements. It is also seasonal with types suitable for hot seasons, cold seasons, and some that can withstand all climatic conditions. There are three main types of lawn turf:

1. Family lawn turf: Also known as traditional lawn turf, this is a mixture of dwarf rye grasses. It is long-wearing and ideal for general landscaping, front and back lawns, play areas and golf trees and fairways. It can also withstand and recover from damage caused by things like shoes, boots, paws or footballs.

It is also able to maintain its green color even with lots of use. The family lawn turf is quite flexible in its maintenance needs as it only requires regular mowing.

2. Lawn master turf: Lawn master turf is more expensive than the family lawn turf. It is also tougher and able to withstand adverse conditions much better. It can be used for play areas, shaded areas, golf greens and fairways and wooden areas. If your garden is quite dry or if you have sandy soil, this is the best type of turf as it is able to withstand prolonged dry periods.

3. Deluxe turf: Deluxe turf is an ornamental type of turf grass that can be used when you want your garden to look extremely beautiful. It consists of fine blades with a delicate green color and a neat growth habit. Deluxe turf grass is not particularly long wearing and requires regular maintenance.

It is the highly labor intensive and requires mowing at least four times a week as well as regular inspection for weeds and disease. It is resistant to shade and can be laid in a garden with a lot of trees. Deluxe turf can be used for bowling greens, golf greens, prestige lawns and ornamental lawns.

Chusing turf supplier

Once you decide on the turf you need for your lawn, you can get the supplier to get the turf and lay it. The supplier you chuse should be a qualified expert who will be able to prepare the landscape as required. They should then design it as per your specifications, deliver and lay it on the prepared soil.

Turf maintenance

Once the supplier lays the turf grass, you need to decide on the lawn maintenance regime. Your supplier can also offer maintenance services in form of regular mowing, inspection for weeds and disease and feeding. If they do not offer these services, you can chuse a qualified lawn maintenance professional to carry out regular maintenance for you.