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Maintaining your yard while the property is for sale

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A beautiful garden can create a lot of street appeal in a house that is for sale. However, if you have already moved and are not living in the property, it can be hard to do the daily upkeep that is required of a great garden. Here are some tips to simple garden maintenance during the sale process. 

Simplify your garden

While you may have a lot of great looking potted plants and flowers that require a lot of maintenance, such as tulips, these plants may not be worth the effort during a sale process. It can often be easier to thin down garden beds to a few strong plants and use mulch to cover the rest of the garden bed. It can be useful to have a consultation with a gardening service who can advise you on the best ways to simplify your garden while still getting a yard space with maximum street appeal. You can also look at replacing certain 'demanding' plants with simpler natives or grasses if they seem to be struggling. 

Maintain your reticulation

An important part of keeping the garden looking good is keeping the reticulation going. (This does require electricity to be maintained, but this is also useful so that you can show lights and other electrical functions work.) It is worth testing this weekly in the hotter months, especially if you aren't living on the property, as you may not spot problems until the garden is actually dying otherwise.  You can still maintain early morning reticulation cycles providing you check the operations regularly. 

Schedule professional maintenance

If it is very hard for you to maintain your garden yourself; for example, if you have moved interstate or overseas, it can be a good idea to get a landscape firm to come around and do a regular landscaping service. This ensures that the garden and property look good and draw in as many potential buyers as possible. Real estate agents can often recommend local home landscape services that they have used regularly. Regular, short appointments can maximise the appeal of the garden and help you to get the best possible price for your property. 

If you have a spectacular garden in a home you are looking to sell, it is a good idea to plan how you will maintain the garden during the sales process, especially if you will not be living in the property.