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2 Ways You Likely Require Excavation Services on Your Property

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For some property owners, the prospect of landscaping their yard merely entails planting some flowers or installing some turf. Although these may the most common activates done to beautify a yard, they are not the only measures to take. On some occasions, you may need to engage excavation services as part of your landscaping project. By knowing when exaction would be prudent before participating in property enhancement, you can save yourself numerous inconveniences down the road.

Whether you are contemplating an extensive landscaping project or not, below are some of the situations where excavation of your land would be essential.

Foundation construction 

One of the best ways to make the most of your yard would be constructing an exterior living space to enjoy when the weather is favourable. Nonetheless, putting up one of these structures would not only about getting your construction supplies and starting to erect the building. Whether it is a small gazebo, a rotunda or even a deck, you would need to create a stable foundation if the structure is to be sturdy.

Excavation facilitates the digging up of the soil to clear space for your new construction, while also ensuring that there are no rocks and other forms of debris that would destabilise the foundation of the building. Once the excavation is complete, you can proceed to pour concrete for the base of your structure.

Soil contamination

Another reason why you would need to engage excavation services will be if the soil in your yard has been contaminated for one reason or another. One of the more common causes of soil contamination is a septic leak. You may start to landscape your property only to find the ground around your septic tank is unusually moist and may even have a peculiar stench to it. It would be advisable to call professional contractors to determine whether your septic system has acquired some damage and if the earth needs to be cleaned up by digging up the affected soil.

Another cause of soil contamination would be asbestos exposure. This exposure may happen if there was a remodelling project on your property before landscaping. In this instance, it would also be prudent to have your soil excavated to prevent any further asbestos exposure to either you or the environment.

Take note that when you require excavation services due to soil contamination, it is critical to leave this to the professionals, as you will be dealing with hazardous pollutants.