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Tools You Need to Keep Your Property in Pristine Condition

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Keeping your home's lawn and garden in pristine condition will require more than just a lawnmower, as a mower will certainly cut grass, but it won't edge the lawn, remove weeds, and care for your landscaping. For all those jobs, you need more than just a mower and rake!

While you do need some basic tools to keep your property in its best condition, you also don't want to overspend on items you don't need by simply buying every piece of equipment on the market. Note a few tools that you should consider, for keeping your lawn and garden looking their best.

Grass shears

Grass shears are handheld clippers that trim grass growing next to delicate flowerbeds and other items you don't want to accidently snip with an edger. These shears can also be used to gently cut dead buds and stems from your landscaping plants, without tearing those stems or harming the rest of the plant.

Pruning saw

If you have smaller landscaping trees in your yard, you'll want a pruning saw. This tool is stronger than a pair of shears, and is meant for lopping small branches from landscaping trees. This can keep those trees properly trimmed without trying to cut thick branches with lightweight shears, and without tearing or ripping at the tree bark.

Thatching rake

A thatching rake removes thatch from the lawn without damaging the turf. This rake will have a movable head, so that the tines adjust as you pull the rake through the grass. This ensures you don't pull up delicate grass blades or cause damage to the soil while you remove thatch and other debris.

Marking and measuring

It's good to actually mark off areas where you'll plant flowers and vegetation, and then also measure certain areas of your lawn as well. This allows you to plan the depth and length of flowerbeds, and to know exactly how much mulch and edging to buy, as well as the right amount of patio pavers, shrubs, and so on. Marking tape and measuring wheels can make quick work of this marking and measuring.

Leaf blower

A leaf blower can obviously make quick work of cleaning up your yard after the grass has been cut, and of blowing all the leaves into one convenient spot. However, you can also use it blow debris from your yard, something that's often needed if you live in an area marked by high winds, and to reach leaves, twigs, fallen buds, and other materials from around shrubbery and flowerbeds.