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5 Reasons Why Sapphire Buffalo is The Perfect Turf For Urban Lawns And Gardens

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Space is always at a premium when you live in the city, and if you are lucky enough to own an urban property with outdoor space, creating a small but beautiful garden or ornamental lawn using turf can be a great way to create an invaluable green space in your inner-city surroundings. However, if you are planning on creating a new lawn for your urban property, you should choose the kind of turf you use carefully, as not every type of turf can thrive in the comparatively unnatural environment of an inner-city.

Sapphire Buffalo turf is a particularly popular type of lawn turf that is used across the continent, and the unique properties of Sapphire Buffalo make it particularly suitable for use in urban gardens. here are five reasons why Sapphire Buffalo could be the perfect turf for creating your new urban lawn:

Exceptional shade tolerance

Experienced urban gardeners know that getting enough sunlight to their plants can be very challenging. With tall nearby buildings creating wide areas of shade, and high privacy fences blocking out even more sunshine, many urban lawns and gardens are only exposed to full sunlight for a few hours a day. Many types of turf simply cannot survive on so little sunlight, and many turfs that thrive in suburban and rural areas quickly wilt and turn yellow when used in an urban environment. However, Sapphire Buffalo is an ideal turf for these situations because it is exceptionally tolerant of shady conditions.

Low maintenance

Sapphire Buffalo turf has very low maintenance requirements compared to many other ornamental lawn turfs. Its deep-growing roots allow an established lawn to survive extended periods without watering, and low seed production means your lawn will not go to seed so quickly if left untended. Sapphire Buffalo is also very resistant to weeds, as its individual blades of grass grow very close together and 'crowd out' any weeds that attempt to grow between them. This is particularly useful for shaded gardens, which tend to be more vulnerable to rapid weed growth.

High traffic tolerance

Smaller lawns are always more vulnerable to wear and tear than larger lawns that give you space to roam, and well-used urban lawns can take a savage beating from foot traffic, especially if you have kids or dogs. Sapphire Buffalo is prized for its excellent resistance to heavy foot traffic, and its densely woven leaves can survive a great deal of wear and tear without wilting or yellowing. Worn out patches of Sapphire Buffalo grass will regrow quickly if kept well watered.

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