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Large Landscaping Job Ahead? Why You Should Think About Hydromulching

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If you're in charge of a brand-new commercial development and have built a range of new buildings on an area of virgin land, you need to turn your attention to the landscaping. You'll want to finish the project off well and make it look as attractive as possible for new tenants and visitors alike. To achieve this, you will want to sow large areas of grass as quickly and efficiently as possible within your budget. You want to ensure that the grass not only looks good but will germinate quickly and last as long as possible without too much maintenance. In this case, there's only one way to go, and that is through hydromulching, but what do you need to know about this approach?

Mechanical Delivery

Hydromulching is also known in some quarters as hydroseeding and has a proven track record in this type of environment. It will require a special type of machinery, but once everything has been configured, you will be able to lay down your grass seed using a very uniform approach and can expect first-class results.


In the past, you would have had to order a large amount of traditional sod from a local landscaping company, and they would have had to deliver it according to a very tight schedule. Your transportation costs may have been high and you would have had to introduce the sod very quickly upon receipt while spending a great deal of time to ensure that it "took."

Special Mixture

With hydromulching, on the other hand, you will feed grass seed into the machine together with a special mixture, all of which will be agitated together within the tank. This mixture will include mulch, fertiliser and water, all designed to bind the seeds together in a very productive way.

Consistent Application

This mixture will then be sprayed onto the surface through a centrifugal pump to ensure that the application will be consistent across the whole surface. Each seed will be trapped within the mixture, and your wastage will be minimal versus a purely manual method.

Quick Germination

Once the mulch lands on the surface, it will stay in place. Due to its sticky consistency, each seed will be protected from wind or water run-off, so it will be much more likely to germinate and grow quickly.

Placing Your Order

Contact a hydromulch supplier so that you can finish off your new project in style.