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Helpful Tips for Using a Land Surveying Service Before Purchasing a Piece of Land for Building Your New Home

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Instead of purchasing an existing home, you might have decided to build a new home from the ground up. You are probably ready to start building as soon as possible, but first, you are naturally going to need to find a lot that you can build your home on. Before you settle on and purchase a piece of land, you will probably want to work with a land surveying professional. These tips can help you if you want to use a land surveying service before purchasing a piece of land for building your new home.

Check Out the Property First

Before you spend the money on a land surveying service, you should make sure that you are actually interested in the piece of property that you are planning on having surveyed. You may want to go check it out in person and look over any documents or information that the seller might have. You might want to do your research about the area, such as the zoning and building laws and regulations, the crime rate, and more. If you do all of these things and find that you are still really interested in potentially purchasing the property, then you should get in contact with a land surveyor.

Get the Seller's Permission

The seller who currently owns the land shouldn't mind it if you have a land survey done, but you will still need to get in contact with them and get their permission before sending a land surveyor to their home. You may want to work with them on scheduling as well. In some cases, the seller is willing to cover some or all of the cost of the land surveying service.

Spring for a More In-Depth and Thorough Survey

Although you can always ask to have a basic property survey done, you may want to have a more thorough and in-depth survey done if you are interested in purchasing the piece of land and building a home on it. Then, you can find out more about the land, can find out where existing utility lines are and where you should install your new utility lines, and more. You might find that it's worth it to spring for a more in-depth and thorough survey so that you can get as much information as possible.

Ask Them to Mark Off the Property Lines

Typically, you can ask a land surveying professional to mark off the property lines with flags. This can make it easier for you to visualize things, and the flags or other markers might be useful for your building contractors and the other contractors who will be working on your project.