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How Do You Best Prepare to Lay a New Lawn?

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Have you ever stood back and admired a neighbour's lawn? Every blade of grass seems to be in its place, there are no "rough" patches, and it all seems too good to be true? While there is undoubtedly a need for ongoing maintenance, much of this splendour is a result of good preparation at the outset. So, where do you start if you want to renovate your front garden and create your own paradise?

Selecting an All-Round Turf

To begin with, make sure that you choose the right type of turf. As you may know, there are many different options in Australia, but one of the leading, all-around solutions is undoubtedly buffalo turf. It's very hardy and does not need to be watered as frequently as some of the others, while it's got deep roots that will seek out any of that important moisture. Also, it's got a very fine texture where the leaves actually fold in upon each other. This helps to protect the installation while giving it such a great appearance, and it'll look good throughout the winter as well.

Preparation Is Vital

Nevertheless, no grass can be expected to perform miracles if you don't prepare the area before you begin. So, before you even order your buffalo grass, you've got to look closely at the hosting area.

Killing Everything Off

If you already have a sorry-looking lawn in place, you need to get rid of it together with those ever-present weeds. Ask your landscape adviser to suggest a good product, but there are many commercially available solutions that you simply spray on top using a special applicator. You may have to follow this up with another dose in a few days before being sure that everything in the area is deceased.

Uncovering Other Material

Many people will bring out their mower at this stage and put it on to its lowest setting. They will then run the mower over what's left of the lawn, which will help to expose some of the roots and, importantly, any other material that may be hiding in place. You have to get rid of all this debris before you proceed, including any pebbles or rocks, sticks, leaves, or other organic material.

Final Preparations

Make sure that your soil is not too compacted, and aerate the entire surface the day before your turf is likely to arrive. Talk with your landscaper to see what they recommend and whether you should spread out an underlay first. Above all else, ensure that the entire area is as "virgin" as possible, as this will give your buffalo grass the best opportunity to take hold.

Expert Guidance

Remember, that perfect lawn is within your grasp so long as you make the proper preparations. Work with your landscaping expert, and you shouldn't put a foot wrong.